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Christian Choate - RIP


This little boy suffered from horrible child abuse. His story does not have a happy ending. He died and was buried under concrete. He had been locked in a dog cage his last year of life and was buried in a shallow concrete grave. Only when his sister felt safe enough, she contacted the police about his death. The most horrible thing about this is that his father still refuses to accept blame. He claims he has done nothing to cause his death. If he had felt that way, than he would have gone to the police about his son’s death, not hide it in a concrete grave.

What must people think, to believe that harming a child will help them? Child abuse, women abuse, what must these men think and feel, to make them believe that harming these people, makes them powerful. Do they believe that these people are the cause of their unhappiness? Did they deserve this anger and abuse?

RIP Christian Choate. The world knows that no 13 year old deserves to leave the world in the way you did.

I had heard about this a while ago and today I read about it in the paper again and I wanted to reblog this because I want other people to be aware of what happened to this boy. There are zillions of other child abuse cases and they are all important, but for some reason this one just sticks out to me. What this child went through, the kinds of torment he went through on a daily basis, is unfathomable. No child, or human being, should ever be treated like this. How people can do these kinds of things and get away with it for so long, is beyond me. Every adult in this child’s life failed him. If only someone was able to see what was happening when he was still alive and reach out to him, and tell him everything would be okay now and that his suffering was over. Life dosen’t work out that way a lot of times, but it would have been nice if it could have in this case. 

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I cannot fucking believe I was following you. It’s because of people like you—yes, like YOU—that there’s peer pressure related suicides. What the HELL were you trying to accomplish by posting this? Guess what? I’m a size 14…


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